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LoHi’s affordable fashion boutique

Sun filters in through the front windows at Jewelius, a rustic-chic boutique and jewelry shop near the corner of 32nd Avenue and Zuni Street in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. Clothing racks are hung with the season’s trending tunics, wool sweaters, and furry vests. Owner Rachel Lubow welcomes customers with a warm smile, while her small puppy, Bambu, looks on from a cushion behind the counter.

“I’ve always loved jewelry and clothing,” Lubow says, “especially helping other people choose pieces to fit their style and personality. But I certainly never expected to own my own store!”

Her unexpected path began after graduating from college and just before moving to Colorado in 2008, when Lubow filled in at a three-day trade show in Manhattan. There, she got a sense of the retail world, as well as the challenges of buying accessories. That spurred her idea to create a fashion jewelry distribution company, which eventually compelled her to open her own boutique: Jewelius, named after her grandfather, Julius.

“My grandfather had a big influence on my life,” Lubow says, pointing to a photo of the two of them displayed near the front of her store. “He did a lot for the small community in New York where I grew up. Part of my goal is to develop a stronger presence in Denver, to connect with people here.”

Indeed, Jewelius aims to connect women with trendy, fashionable clothing and jewelry to make them feel fabulous—whether they are 25 or 65. Clothing runs the gamut from skinny jeans to sundresses, from cropped bomber jackets to athletic tops and bottoms—all playing to Colorado’s eclectic, regionally influenced style. And, of course, there’s fashion jewelry for every occasion.

“Jewelry has a universal appeal,” Lubow says. “It’s something that fits, no matter your shape or size.” Lubow carries affordable designs from around the country, including local Colorado designs and brands like Heather & Hide leather goods and August, Inc. tee shirts.

This season, Lubow plans to host pop-up stores and trunk shows at Jewelius, highlighting local designers and jewelers to share with the neighborhood community. She’s also excited to showcase an abundance of handmade goods for the holiday season. “I sell items I feel good about,” she says, “and more importantly, I want people to feel good wearing them.”

Visit Jewelius at 2405 West 32nd Avenue in Denver.

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