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Fashion Hits a High Note

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Glamour and style return to the slopes this season

By Ellen Gray

Luxury is the operative word on the slopes this winter. Fashion-forward skiers will no doubt thrill to see the return of glamour, sophistication and high style, as skiwear takes a bow to both designer street looks and technical function.

Gone are the days when baggy pants and long jackets, often a staple of snowboard enthusiasts, ruled the slopes. Replacing the look are form-fitting jackets, adorned with fur, metallic finishes and jewel tones, paired with functional stretch pants first introduced by Bogner in the 1950s. In fact, when it comes to luxury, skiwear designers such as Bogner, Toni Sailer and Skea rule the day, with beautiful collections that are as eye-catching asthey are versatile.

ML Furs, a highly respected boutique in Denver’s chic Cherry Creek North, is the exclusive purveyor of the Bogner brand. The marriage of the upscale boutique with the industry’s most-respected skiwear designer is indeed a match made in heaven. As you head to one of Colorado’s fabulous resorts this winter, you’ll want to tackle the slopes in style, and the season’s beautiful collection will show off your moves both on and off the slopes.

Many of the pieces that will mark the slopes this season feature elements of fur. According to ML Furs, it’s runway on the slopes, and Bogner’s Fire + Ice collection is a prime example. Drawing inspiration from motor racing sports and the iconic style of Steve McQueen, the designs are incredibly intricate, using materials and threads that can take as long as 30 hours to assemble. The Fire + Ice line is pure street style, and highlights why the Bogner name remains the uncontested leader in ski fashion.

“Bogner Sport, the most sought-after ski brand worldwide, not only combines fashion and function, each piece is a work of art, a collector’s item, from the illustrious one-pieces, jackets and helmets, to the transitional mid and base layers that can be worn all year while hiking, biking or even golfing. Their brand boasts an aura of exclusivity, according to Ms. Gross of ML Furs.

Sleek fit rules the day, and established designers bring color and glamour to the season. Sophisticated skiwear transitions easily from slopestyle to après ski, with colors and fabrics that meld perfectly with runway fashion. In addition to a beautiful collection featuring contemporary styling, fabrics and design, skiing legend Toni Sailer is showcasing a smaller, limited line inspired by the “black blitz from Kitz,” a predominantly black collection that features luxurious materials including leather, lambskin and fur. Kitzbüehl, Austria being one of the most famous, demanding downhill’s in the world, often boasting the Men’s World Cup. Toni Sailer’s elegant women’s collection is both athletic and versatile, featuring four-way stretch material with a shiny, satin finish. Emphasizing femininity, the outfits showcase an elegant, athletic silhouette, including a stunning jumpsuitincorporating a blouson jacket.

Bogner, long recognized as the fashion leader in beautiful skiwear, once again delivers a fabulous lineup, with great looks that incorporate modern and biker black-and-whites, navy/denim and red-white-and-blue patriotic themes for the 2018 Olympic Games. Also big this year are eclectic metallics with gold and violet ash straight from the runway, bright pinks and darker mocha tones. Much of the Bogner Women’s line draws inspiration from the urban cowboy trend, merging the Bogner heritage of traditional ski and active sportswear in a relaxed and comfortable style.

Skea, another Colorado favorite, pushes the limits of function and style in this season’s collection featuring technical fabrics, customized trims, gorgeous prints and fashionable silhouettes. Skea designer and owner Diane Boyer, a Vail, Colorado resident and former freestyle skiing champion, understands what it takes to combine performance and high style. The designer’s line appeals to women of all ages, and the clothing works equally well in the big city or on the slopes of Vail. This season’s lineup features fun colors and textures, reflective and shiny touches, and even sequins on both base and mid layers. Look for beautiful accessories to complement the ensemble.

Just Fur Fun

At the end of an epic ski day, there’s an art to looking great when you come off the slopes. There are so many options, so we’ve narrowed down the field to help you select what to wear, whether on a ski holiday in the mountains or elsewhere in Colorado. To help us develop a template for winter après ski fashion, we turned to the experts at ML Furs, who have helped visitors from across the globe to look their cold-weather best.

The family-owned business works with national and international brands, and prides itself on remaining current and contemporary. A keen sense of understanding their customers and what they need is key to the company’s success since its humble beginnings in 1987. With a finger on the pulse of runway fashion, ML Furs caters to modern women who desire high-end outerwear or skiwear for the coming season. This season, the boutique is awash in beautiful style, including

 stunning fur, vivid color, denim, navy and metallic.

Forget the image of your grandmother’s fur coat, and look to celebrities and fashion models who more and more are incorporating elements of fur into their everyday wardrobe. Whether the goal is function or fashion – or a combination of the two, elements of fur are everywhere, and are being produced in highly regulated operations worldwide. The furs of today are very lightweight, and in many instances, are so highly styled that it takes a closer look to understand they are indeed the real deal. A huge seller at ML Furs is a reversible, easy-to-wear coat that is fur on one side and water-repellant taffeta or silk on the other. The coat can be worn with pants or a dress, and is the epitome of style and function. So just who is buying these pieces? “If you think back to the days when Sex and the City was on television, you’ll recall that fur was front and center in every episode. They all wore fur, and it was considered the height of fashion,” ML Furs Ms. Gross says. “Today it’s less about luxury and more about everyday style.”

The fur industry is a huge employer around the world, from Africa to Scandinavia and China. The industry employs millions of workers, and is a $15 billion industry worldwide. The U.S. fur industry represents about 10 percent of that number, so imports are a major factor in the business. The majority of skins are sourced in the United States, Denmark, Finland and Russia, all from places that are 100-percent regulated and monitored. “This industry is better regulated than any other,” Mr. Gross says. “You’re not going to find any leopard, or any endangered species. If they’re on the endangered or protected list, they are protected.”

When it comes to this type of apparel, each piece is a true work of art, from the dyeing process to matching up each piece for color and design. The pieces are put together by artisans, and represent hours of work and expertise. This season, designers closely follow the rest of the fashion world, featuring monochromatic jewel tones, muted earth tone palettes from Michael Kors, modern classics from Zac Posen, textures, color, camo, navy, horizontals, reversible, lightweight garments including sweatshirts, hoodies, ponchos, and sheared designs.

With options such as these it’s impossible not to look good. “If you aren’t a skier, we show you how to look good off-piste in some of our longer down garments with fur trim from Bogner, M. Miller and Guy LaRoche,” Ms. Gross says. And fear not, any contemporary fur coat will style well while sipping on a hot toddy! Looking for stocking stuffers or just a touch of fur? ML Furs carries a vast selection of accessories, including the locally distributed Hestra luxury brand dress and ski gloves for both men and women.

Of course, looking hot on the slopes is not just a woman’s prerogative. Highend designers pay homage to men, with high-tech fabrics, exquisite workmanship and sporty styles. Toni Sailer’s limited Montgomery jacket is a work of art, featuring details from hydrophobic reindeer nubuck, carbon zippers and lasered carbon logos. Add a hood, lined with Tuscan lambskin, and lightweight yet ultra-warm Francis ski pants, and this is a standout on the mountain.

Ultimately, the return of the stretch pant is what sums up the style stories.When Maria Bogner began experimenting with the sexy stretch pant material in 1952, little did she know that her innovation would turn the world of ski fashion upside down. Initially a favorite of leggy models, including Aspen’s Monica Brown and Stein Eriksen, the pants sold for a pricey $40 but were hugely popular. Racers immediately loved the new material, both for their sleek look and their aerodynamic qualities which meant faster times. The stretch pant became a permanent fashion craze, and even prompted ski legend Warren Miller to write, “I credit the growth of skiing during those years (the ‘50s and ‘60s) to Maria Bogner and her invention of stretch ski pants. Let’s face it, sex sells. Anyone who was in reasonable shape could put on a pair of her stretch pants and look as sleek and attractive as someone in a James Bond movie.”

Maria Bogner, the wife of Bogner founder Willy Bogner, designed skiwear until the 1970s, when her sons Michael and Willy Jr. took the helm. Willy Jr. continues to run the company, and his wife Sonia works on the design side.

Get the Look


ML Furs, 263 Josephine in Cherry Creek North


ML Furs, 263 Josephine in Cherry Creek North


ML Furs, 263 Josephine in CherryCreek North

Christy Sports, Multiple locations in Colorado


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It’s no secret that Colorado’s real estate market is booming, spurred by an influx of out-of-staters making the Centennial state their home. While many consider Denver or Boulder favorable places to settle down, they often overlook one of Colorado’s most beautiful and understated municipalities: the city of Golden.

Golden rests in a basin against the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, below the North and South Table Mountains. On one side the city is marked by the prominent “M” for the School of Mines; on the other with the infamous “G” of Golden. Golden’s prime location serves as a focal point between Denver, Boulder and Evergreen, and offers a direct route to Black Hawk and canyon access – bypassing traffic to the slopes.

The city’s history is traced to its establishment in 1859. Proudly proclaimed across its welcome banner in the heart of downtown, Golden’s slogan is simply, “Where the West Lives,” and this declaration couldn’t be truer. This city is rich in history and continues to embody that spirit with barn wood trimmings, stucco-styled homes and architecture reminiscent of the Old West.

Yet for all its storied past, Golden is becoming increasingly modern, with red cobbled brick lining pedestrian walkways and immaculate landscaping  – lending the town the uniquely dichotic feeling of being in two periods at the same time.

While technically a college town, home to the School of Mines, Golden does not resonate with that trait. A top-notch university, The School of Mines was recently rated the top engineering school in the nation by College Factual. Clearly, the college is not home to lackadaisical students. In fact, these students are ambitious and disciplined learners, attending the university not for a good time, but for the most advantageous career achievable. While they may go out on the weekends to the Swig Tavern, students are more likely to spend their free time studying or experiencing the great outdoors.

Golden’s myriad outdoor activities attract athletic enthusiasts by the droves. Colin Endsley, an outdoor adventurer who has lived in Golden for a little over a year says, “Golden is great in that you can walk in any direction from town and find some trail to fall into,” and truly there aren’t enough trails to behold. Golden’s trails are perfect for hikers and cyclists – Lookout Mountain serving as a popular route for the avid cyclist – and the views from each trail are spectacular, ranging from downtown Denver to DIA and back to the formidable Rockies.

Yet the ample trails are just a sampling of what Golden offers. There are also water sports such as tubing and kayaking (when the water flow is safe) from the Clear Creek River, and fishing for Rainbow and Brown trout for the avid angler.

Of special note is Golden’s popularity for the extreme sport of hang gliding. Windy Saddle Park offers a great launch point for hang gliders, and these colorful contraptions can be seen sashaying down the mountain most Saturdays and Sundays during the summer months.

Outdoors aside, one of Golden’s leading attractions is its quaint downtown, a charming and unassuming destination for tourists and locals alike. Downtown Golden is privileged to have so many locally owned restaurants and shops that could keep the body feasting and the mind entertained for days. Home to the infamous Coors Brewery and seasonal farmer’s market, the area embodies everything regionally Colorado.

Notable boutiques include Spinster Sisters Co., which now offers three locations in the Denver metro area (Golden serving as its home base). Opened in 2011, its founder Kelly Perkins calls her products “an alternative to the witches’ brew of 

chemicals that many mod

ern skin care products represent.” From body scrubs to men’s shaving cream, Perkins and her team will keep your skin singing and fantastically fresh, no matter how dry Colorado’s air may be.

Sharing a storefront with Spinster Sisters is Baby Doe’s, a retailer showcasing relaxed and bohemian styles for the laid-back mountainista, as well as the craftsmanship of more than 40 regional artisans. Now under new ownership, Baby Doe’s offers a fresh look and feel that is sure to keep visitors stopping in to shop at one of the downtown area’s well-known establishments.

While the shopping is great

, the dining options are varied and delicious. If you’re looking for a good beer and a good time, there’s the Golden Moon Speakeasy and Buffalo Rose with live music weekly. If you’re following your taste buds and looking for superb dishes, you can venture over to Woody’s Pizza or Indulge Bistro & Wine Bar; Indulge has perhaps the best iced tea in Colorado, which they’ll bring to you by the pitcher.

When you’re ready for dessert, a must-visit is the family-owned and operated Gold Mine Cupcakes. Recently  named by as one of the top 16 best bakeries in the U.S., the bakery offers delicious, made-from-scratch creations served fresh by an even sweeter staff. Gold Mine Cupcakes will surely satisfy your sweet tooth with its assortment of 35 flavors and specials daily.

With all these successful businesses and the city’s incredible geography, it’s no wonder people are choosing to explore and settle down in Golden. The once outdated homes are constantly under renovation and are becoming prime real estate for those looking to live the mountain lifestyle, while not sacrificing proximity to the Denver area.

In the future, more local businesses will continue to take root and make their home in Golden. Thoughtful development and growth will only add to the area’s allure as a destination spot for visitors looking for something unique and special, and locals wanting to stake their claim in this unsung gem of Colorado’s landscape.

Off the Grid: Fashion Nation and Babysitter’s Nightmare

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Want to discover places only the locals know about? Longtime Denverite Bill Husted introduces you to this hidden gem: 

Shop where the rock bands shop. And get something edgy for your baby. That’s the drill at Fashion Nation and its offspring Babysitter’s Nightmare, a Denver shopping tradition since 1985.

Fashion Nation is like Neiman Marcus for the punk rocker. A wall in the clothing store is covered with photographs of famous bands that have shopped in the store, and I’m betting you haven’t heard of most of them. The Dead Kennedy’s? The Cure? The rockers know. Through word-ofmouth, this is a must-stop for club clothes when the tour bus parks in Denver.

One of the largest collections of Dr. Marten’s shoes and boots kick it at Fashion Nation – hundreds of the hipster clodhoppers line the walls.

Babysitter’s Nightmare cries in the back of the store, a temple to the Little Rock ‘N Roller in your life. Owners Paul and Pam Italiano raised their children in these threads, most of which make a chilling childish statement. Like the T-Shirt that reads “I (Heart) Zombies” and “Zombie Snack.” One kid T proclaims the child is an “Alcohol Related Accident.” Above a cute kiddie giraffe it says, “I HATE YOU.” Orange is the new black in a County Jail Onsie.

“There is a line you don’t want to cross,” says Paul Italiano. “We take it right up to that line.

Cherry Creek – A Shopper’s Paradise

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The upscale Cherry Creek neighborhood is truly a playground for adults. Adults that is, who love to shop, enjoy fine dining and appreciate the nicer things in life.

     Comprised of two distinct areas, travelers and locals gravitate freely between the recently renovated, and always fabulous Cherry Creek Shopping Center and eclectic, chic Cherry Creek North. You have to see it to understand it, but rest assured this is one destination you won’t want to miss when you’re in town. Yes, Cherry Creek truly offers it all, including beautiful stores such as Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Hermes and Burberry, and elegant dining at well-known restaurants such as Matsuhisa and Sol Cocina. And best of all, the area is entirely walkable, with plenty of trees offering a respite on warmer summer days and protection from the softly falling snow in colder months.


Right in the heart of Denver, the Cherry Creek Shopping Center is a haven for prettymuch anyone wanting a great outfit, stunning piece of jewelry or show-logo-share

stopping accessory. It’s here you’ll find some of the best stores around, including high-end retailers such as Tiffany & Co., Stuart Weitzman, Burberry and David Yurman. Homegrown jewelers with a national presence include the fabulous Hyde Park Jewelers and John Atencio, and Kate Hudson recently selected the shopping center to showcase her line of athletic wear in her Fabletics store. There’s something for everyone, and when your feet grow tired of trekking through all the upscale stores, there are restaurant and cocktail options aplenty, in establishments such as Elway’s Steakhouse, the newly opened 801 Chophouse, or the beautifully revamped Kona Grill.

With a slew of recently opened stores,  and more on the way, it’s always new, relevant and rewarding at the mall. We spoke with Dave Dixon, Cherry Creek Shopping Center’s marketing guru, who filled us in on some of the more fun details of what’s happening at the shopping mecca.

It’s All In The Reward

Get a head start on your shopping trip by signing up online or at kiosks located in the center for a rewards program that will truly pay you back. Customers receive a password and can attach up to 15 credit cards to their account. Now you’re connected to more than 160 stores in the center, and any time you make a purchase using your card, it will be stored in the system. Once you spend $250 aggregate on your card you’ll earn a $20 reward that goes back on your card.

And Then There’s The Stores

New this calendar year are a host of new stores and restaurants, including Hannah Andersen (for well-dressed kids); Rise Pies Handcrafted Pizza (for hungry foodies); Ivivva (for active juniors); 801 Chophouse (for prime steak lovers); and Fabletics (for stylish workout enthusiasts). Six more stores are slated to open by the holidays, bringing a grand total of 11 new establishments to an already unique and high-end mix. Of course, what’s old is new, and you won’t want to miss some of the beautiful renovations, including RH, Lush Cosmetics, Free People and Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams. Take a break and stop by LivSotheby’s International Realty in the main court, for a preview of some of Colorado’s most beautiful homes for sale.

Red Carpet Treatment

Visitors to Colorado are always greeted with open arms at Cherry Creek Shopping Center, and special amenities are readily available to those coming from far and away. Out-of-town guests are invited to stop by the Guest Services desk, where they will find a currency exchange, complimentary wheelchairs and strollers, mall information, gift cards and gift boxes, and, of course, a complimentary copy of Denver and Colorado Hotel Magazine! Make sure to let them know you’re visiting from out of town, and receive a Passport to Shopping Book, with discounts to more than 60 participating shops and available only to travelers. 

     “There have been so many changes at the center and it’s all exciting,” says Dixon. The transformation and upgrades kicked into high gear last October when RH opened in a  dramatically renovated 50,000-square-foot space formerly occupied by Saks Fifth Avenue. An additional new 38,000 square feet of space was quickly filled by boutiques such as Tory Burch, David Yurman, Free People, Knight Rider Jewelry, Tiffany & Co. and 801 Chophouse. The buildout was state-of-the-art, eye-catching and wonderful.

       “Twenty-five percent of all the stores here are unique to the Colorado market,” points out Dixon. “We have stores such as Neiman Marcus, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Roberto Coin, Breitling, Omega – all luxe brands, and all in this location only.” Other great merchants such as Kiehls, Swatch, Scotch & Soda and Diesel Jeans also have chosen the exclusive Cherry Creek Shopping Center address to showcase their wares to shoppers in Colorado.

     “We are centrally located in the heart of Denver, and we try to keep things fresh, exciting and easy for tourists, who are a large part of our customer base,” says Dixon. The center takes the experience a step further by offering a great new app that enables users to “map it, plan it and then love it,” he continues. Using the app, shoppers can navigate the best route to stores they want to visit in succession. And truth to tell, we’re loving this shopping-made-easy concept!

Deck the Malls

The holidays are always fun at Cherry Creek Shopping Center, and as Dixon points out, “we take them very seriously. This is an opportunity for us to create a great family and social experience, so that when visitors come here they just feel festive,” he says. From elaborate holiday décor to carolers and fun events, the holiday experience culminates in the Grand Court, where Santa reigns supreme and children line up to make his acquaintance. This year, the mall is introducing an entirely new experience, which promises to surprise and delight the young and the old.

      Adding to the fun is the year-round Dinosaur Gulch, a popular children’s play area sponsored by the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. But take heed, you must be under 48 inches to play!

     With more than 16 million people visiting the Cherry Creek Shopping Center every year, the mall consistently ranks among the top tourist attractions in the Mile High City. “We just turned 26 years old, but the architecture and feel are fresh and new,” says Dixon. “There is a timeless architecture, and things are always being improved and reinvented. Whether it’s the recently remodeled common area, complete with USB charging outlets, new seating, free Wi-Fi and tech tables, shoppers are able to connect and recharge on the go, which is a necessity in our mobile world.”

Cherry Creek North3922-p22

For some time now, cranes and work crews have been a staple of Cherry Creek North, the vibrant mixed-use destination comprised of hotels, restaurants and shops. Change is always in the air here, and the recent influx of gorgeous new hotels, fantastic restaurants and wonderful boutiques ensures this area remains the place to be when in Colorado. According to Jenny Starkey, marketing director for Cherry Creek North, the area has seen a 300-percent increase in hotel rooms, and what was once a vision of the future is now actively being rolled out throughout the streets.

     An aggressive public/private growth plan was strategically implemented and represents what Starkey deems a strong and bold development that brings innovative change to the community. “This is all so fun to see, and the development here has set the stage for everything now taking place. The investment in Cherry Creek North has been remarkable, and this truly is a city that is made for people to visit, to live, to work and to stay.” The walk score in Cherry Creek is 95 out of 100, meaning Cherry Creek North is the No. 1 most walkable neighborhood in the city.

Get Your Walk On

“The walkability of Cherry Creek North is truly one of the biggest draws, because it encourages people to linger,” points out Starkey. There’s fantastic ground floor retail, a slew of happy hour venues, and almost 650 trees that provide a beautiful shade canopy under which to meander, have fun and spend a day. The 16-block area houses nearly 600 businesses; 261 of those are retailers. An impressive 70 percent of the retailers are local, just one more aspect that differentiates Cherry Creek North from any other shopping area in the city, Starkey explains.

     The changes in the area have been astounding, with the addition of 186,000 square feet of retail space in 2015, signaling a 25 percent increase since 2010. The growth ushered in a host of new upscale boutiques; stores that are unique to the area and are one-of-a-kind in the metro area. This year alone has seen 26 new store openings, with even more on the horizon. In addition, the very cool new Halcyon Hotel, a unique boutique property right in the heart of the area, and the pending addition of a Marriott International Moxy Hotel, will mean an additional 325 rooms right in the area.

Retail Therapy

While some stores are new to the Cherry Creek North area, others have had the good fortune of expanding into larger, more expansive spaces due to overwhelming response from clientele who love the area and the unique mix of stores. Take for example Ten Thousand Villages, a store that helped pioneer the Fair Trade Movement and today has more than 390 stores throughout the country, selling gifts, jewelry, home décor, art, clothing and accessories. All merchandise is deemed “ethical gifts,” and the global mission is to improve lives and change business practices worldwide. The store recently relocated into a larger space, which, according to store manager Hayley Morris, is part and parcel of what makes this part of Denver so special. “We are truly honored to be a part of the Cherry Creek North community – it is so rich in history and has so many incredible, small, local businesses,” she says.

     In fact, the area has seen a number of stores either moving to larger spaces, relocating from another area or adding to their inventory of locations. From Kate Spade to Hermes to Peter Millar, it’s all here and fashion-forward is the word of the day. Stitch Boutique in the Highlands area, a trendy women’s clothing store, recently opened a second location here, along with A Line in southeast Denver, Perch of Vail and Kaitlyn Collective, which previously was an online retailer. Hollyhocks, an absolutely charming, high-end children’s boutique, recently opened up in the area, much to the delight of loyal followers who were fans of the old location just outside the district.

     “There are a lot of retail people watching what is going on here,” Starkey says. “Now add to that the new hotels and restaurants that are opening, and you see that this area truly offers it all. Cherry Creek North truly is the epitome of where you bring the retail, because of the walkability, the proximity of hotels, residents and employees who are all right here.”

     In recent months, the area has come under fire for what is a perceived parking challenge. Starkey, however, debunks this fear, pointing out that “parking is always something every shopping district everywhere talks about, and when it comes to Cherry Creek North there’s plenty to go around. If you don’t know where to park, just go on the website ( and click on the Get Here option under the Visiting Us tab. Here you’ll see 13 public parking garages, 3-hour on-street parking and many parking options. So plenty is available,” she adds.

     When it comes to dining, great cuisine abounds in the area, with several high-end venues and more casual fare serving up residents, employees and travelers in the vicinity. There are lots of great patios and fun happy hours to while away the time. Local and tourists alike are raving about some of the great new restaurants, including Departures in the Halcyon, Matsuhisa, Sol Cocina and the Thirsty Lion. Something for everyone, and everyone is loving the culinary offerings.

     Yes, the once low-key area known as Cherry Creek is now all grown up, and more exciting than ever before. It’s all about food, fashion and fun in this little slice of paradise.


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LoHi’s affordable fashion boutique

Sun filters in through the front windows at Jewelius, a rustic-chic boutique and jewelry shop near the corner of 32nd Avenue and Zuni Street in Denver’s LoHi neighborhood. Clothing racks are hung with the season’s trending tunics, wool sweaters, and furry vests. Owner Rachel Lubow welcomes customers with a warm smile, while her small puppy, Bambu, looks on from a cushion behind the counter.

“I’ve always loved jewelry and clothing,” Lubow says, “especially helping other people choose pieces to fit their style and personality. But I certainly never expected to own my own store!”

Her unexpected path began after graduating from college and just before moving to Colorado in 2008, when Lubow filled in at a three-day trade show in Manhattan. There, she got a sense of the retail world, as well as the challenges of buying accessories. That spurred her idea to create a fashion jewelry distribution company, which eventually compelled her to open her own boutique: Jewelius, named after her grandfather, Julius.

“My grandfather had a big influence on my life,” Lubow says, pointing to a photo of the two of them displayed near the front of her store. “He did a lot for the small community in New York where I grew up. Part of my goal is to develop a stronger presence in Denver, to connect with people here.”

Indeed, Jewelius aims to connect women with trendy, fashionable clothing and jewelry to make them feel fabulous—whether they are 25 or 65. Clothing runs the gamut from skinny jeans to sundresses, from cropped bomber jackets to athletic tops and bottoms—all playing to Colorado’s eclectic, regionally influenced style. And, of course, there’s fashion jewelry for every occasion.

“Jewelry has a universal appeal,” Lubow says. “It’s something that fits, no matter your shape or size.” Lubow carries affordable designs from around the country, including local Colorado designs and brands like Heather & Hide leather goods and August, Inc. tee shirts.

This season, Lubow plans to host pop-up stores and trunk shows at Jewelius, highlighting local designers and jewelers to share with the neighborhood community. She’s also excited to showcase an abundance of handmade goods for the holiday season. “I sell items I feel good about,” she says, “and more importantly, I want people to feel good wearing them.”

Visit Jewelius at 2405 West 32nd Avenue in Denver.


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16th Street Mall
Built in 1982, the 16th Street Mall is a tree-lined, pedestrian promenade that runs through the center of downtown. Lined with outdoor cafés, shops and restaurants, the mall has a great family-friendly atmosphere and a vibrant nightlife. Free shuttle buses cruise the mile-long Mall seven days a week.
Entire length of 16th Street

Antique Row
Although known locally as “Antique Row,” this eclectic mix of merchants offer the gamut, including high-quality antiques, garden supplies, fine wines, antique rugs, handcrafted picture frames, tiles, vintage lighting, custom furniture craftsmen, a host of fabulous dining and a tea room.
1100-1800 S. Broadway
Denver, CO 80210

Aspen Grove
Located in Littleton, this pet-friendly, open-air retail village is home to over 55 stores and restaurants, including Pottery Barn, The Gap, Apple, See’s Candies, Hot Mama, Ted’s Montana Grill and more.
7301 S. Santa Fe Dr., Littleton

One of the newest destinations for shopping, dining and events, Belmar is reaching new heights in the Denver scene. Located in the beautiful suburb of Lakewood, Belmar is a trendy escape from the busy city.
408 S. Teller St., Lakewood

Cherry Creek North
More than 350 businesses make up the Cherry Creek neighborhood representing local and national brands. Check out this retail and dining area just minutes from downtown where you will find fashion, jewelry and home furnishings, spas, salons, art galleries and restaurants.
East 1st & East 2nd Streets
btwn. University Boulevard & Steele Street

Cherry Creek Shopping Center
The Rocky Mountain region’s premier shopping environment features more than 160 shops such as Neiman Marcus, Tiffany & Co., Burberry, Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren. Other favorites include Nordstrom, Hyde Park Jewelers, Apple and Coach, plus popular dining hotspots like Elway’s and Kona Grill.
3000 E. 1st Ave.

Colorado Mills
Denver’s only indoor outlet mall features high-end shops including Coach Factory, Forever 21, Express, H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue Off 5th, Last Call by Neiman Marcus and Eddie Bauer Outlet. Great restaurants round out the mix, along with numerous entertainment options such as United Artists Theaters & IMAX, Jumpstreet and The Putting Edge.
14500 W. Colfax Avenue
Lakewood, CO 80401

Denver Pavilions
Located on the 16th Street Mall in the heart of downtown, this three-story, open-air shopping center has it all: 40 shops and restaurants, bowling lanes and a movie theater. Ride the free 16th Street Mall Shuttle to your favorite retailers, including Banana Republic, Express, Forever 21 and H&M.
500 16th St.

Flatirons Crossing
Set on a rise between Boulder and Denver, Flatirons Crossing invites you to enjoy blue skies, fun restaurants and top-flight movies. Explore more than 200 fashion and specialty retailers, including Coach, Coldwater Creek, Bebe, BC Surf and Sport, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Papyrus, LOFT and many more.
One West Flatiron Crossing, Broomfield

Golden Triangle Museum District
Denver’s Golden Triangle district is brimming with restaurants and culture. Within walking distance of downtown, it features more than 50 galleries, museums and specialty stores. Don’t miss free First Friday Night Art Tours every month from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. with complimentary shuttle service.
Bordered by Lincoln Street, Colfax Avenue & Speer Boulevard

Three diverse commercial districts comprise this neighborhood: cosmopolitan Lower Highlands (LoHi), charming Highlands Square and artsy Tennyson Street. Denver’s largest neighborhood features local and national retailers, restaurants, landmarks, art galleries and entertainment.
32nd & Lowell Streets

Historic Downtown Golden
If you want a change of pace from busy malls or more populated shopping districts, this is definitely the place to be. With one-of-a-kind boutiques that offer all things unique, serious shoppers who want to bring back that hard-to-find gift will love this district with a flavor all its own.
Downtown Golden

Historic Downtown Littleton
Visit one of the few remaining historic shopping districts along the Front Range and experience a true hometown atmosphere where people smile and take life a little slower. With more than 250 eclectic shopping, dining and entertainment options, you are certain to find just what you’re looking for.
West Main Street btwn. Santa Fe Drive & South Rio Grande, Littleton

Larimer Square
Located in the heart of downtown, the shops at Larimer Square offer a truly distinctive selection of fashion, jewelry, gifts and home accessories for shopping connoisseurs and fashionistas of all ages.
Larimer Street btwn.14th & 15th Streets

Nestled between Coors Field and the Pepsi Center, LoDo is Lower Downtown’s prime destination for fun and trendy shops. The eclectic stores and hip, vibrant historic district offer everything from antiques and ranchwear to fine jewelry and eyewear.
1616 17th St.

Old South Gaylord Street
One of the oldest business districts in Denver, here you can find passionate business owners who offer personal service. Old South Gaylord Street offers a variety of upscale boutiques, galleries and restaurants, as well as professional services and talented regional craftsmen.
1059 S. Gaylord St.

Old South Pearl Street
This laid-back neighborhood features an eclectic mix of shops, boutiques and restaurants. An antidote to the modern megamall, it features seasonal events year-round, one-of-a-kind stores and some of the city’s most popular nightspots.
1569 S. Pearl St.

Olde Town Arvada
With more than 150 unique shops, Olde Town Arvada has plenty of variety. Whether you’re in the market for books, clothing, handmade jewelry, furnishings and antiques or a great restaurant, this vibrant shopping district is full of treasures.
7307 Grandview Ave., Arvada

Outlets At Castle Rock
The Outlets at Castle Rock is the largest open-air outlet center in Colorado, housing more than 100 name-brand stores, including Coach, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, American Eagle and many more. A short drive from Denver in the town of Castle Rock, a thriving place with fun restaurants and hotspots.
5050 Factory Shops Blvd., Castle Rock

Outlets at Loveland
A true gem tucked at the foot of the Rockies between Greeley and Fort Collins, the Outlets at Loveland is a great destination for hikers wanting a little shopping to top off a perfect day, or anyone looking for a fun and upscale experience. Featuring more than 40 great outlets, including Ann Taylor, Under Armour, Nike, J.Crew and Gymboree.
5661 McWhinney Blvd., Loveland

Outlets At Silverthorne
Nestled in the scenic Rockies, just off I-70 on your way to the mountains, the Outlets at Silverthorne is home to three villages of impressive retail including Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, Guess, GAP, Coach, Banana Republic, J Crew, Columbia and more. A beautiful setting for some fabulous buys.
246-V Rainbow Drive, Silverthorne

Park Meadows
A unique and visually stunning retail resort, Park Meadows features fashionable stores and delectable dining choices, along with entertainment and events. With over 165 retailers and 14 full-service restaurants, shoppers experience the classic Colorado lifestyle while enjoying the beautiful resort setting.
8401 Park Meadows Center Dr., Lone Tree

Pearl Street Mall
A four-block pedestrian mall in Boulder, Pearl Street is home to a number of locally owned businesses and restaurants, national chains and the Boulder County Courthouse. This popular tourist destination is loaded with charm, from the fountains and gardens to the street performers.
Btwn. the 1100 & 1400 blocks of Pearl Street
Boulder, CO 80302

River North Art District (RiNo)
Situated just north of downtown, RiNo is home to an eclectic mix of galleries, artists, wineries, breweries, and more. If you’re in the market for unique, fabulous art, RiNo is the place to be, with a host of galleries showcasing works by some of the city’s most talented artists.
North of downtown Denver

The Shops at Northfield Stapleton
Located just minutes from downtown, The Shops at Northfield Stapleton is a pedestrian-friendly, open-air shopping district featuring specialty shops and restaurants including Macy’s, Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor World and Harkins Theatres 18.
8340 Northfield Blvd.

Streets at Southglenn
This destination builds on the character of the surrounding neighborhood with a mix of retailers, restaurants, entertainment and services. SouthGlenn is an unmatched upscale shopping, dining and entertainment experience.
South University Boulevard & Arapahoe Road, Centennial

An outdoor lifestyle center with a community plaza and four blocks of retail shops, restaurants and entertainment options, Southlands offerings include a movie theater, Barnes & Noble, Eddie Bauer, Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, The Gap, Charming Charlie, McCabe’s Irish Bistro and Pub, Sports Authority and more.
6155 Main St., Aurora

Southwest Plaza
Conveniently located in southwest metro Denver, Southwest Plaza features popular retailers and restaurants such as Forever 21, BC Surf and Sport, Express, Victoria’s Secret, Target, four department stores including a Dillard’s flagship store, Panera Bread, Tokyo Joe’s, Chili’s and other shopper favorites.
8501 W. Bowles Ave., Littleton

Tennyson Street Cultural Arts District
Located in the Berkeley District, the Tennyson Cultural Arts District offers music, live performance, film, and art galore. Here you’ll find original photography, a huge open-air market, fine art and everything in between.
Located in Northwest Denver between Sheridan and Lowell and 38th and 52nd Ave.

Town Center at Aurora
An indoor mall with more than 150 fun stores, including Macy’s, Dillard’s, Aeropostale, Express and Victoria Secret. A neighborhood shopping destination, the Town Center has great options for dining, children’s fashion, home electronics and everything for your style.
14200 E. Alameda Ave., Aurora

Twenty-Ninth Street
Twenty-Ninth Street is the premier mixed-use outdoor shopping center in Boulder. It features local and national eateries and shops, including Anthropologie, Apple, Arthaus Furniture, lululemon athletica, Sephora, California Pizza Kitchen and Nordstrom Rack.
1710 29th St., Boulder

Village Shops at The Landmark
Featuring the best designers in Denver and some of the finest retailers in the world, Village Shops at the Landmark is one of the foremost shopping destinations in the city. With fabulous restaurants and the nationally renowned Landmark Theater, the Village Shops is a delight for all the senses.
Quebec Street btwn. Belleview & Orchard
Greenwood Village, CO

What’s Old Is New

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Among the overflowing shops that make up Denver’s Antique Row stands a sophisticated studio dedicating to reimagining and repurposing rare, vintage and, yes, antique finds.


Tucked away among a scattering of antique stores, you’ll find that an interior world filled with vintage oddities, dripping chandeliers and ornate furniture exists in a bustling Denver neighborhood.

The 23-year-old shop — Watson & Co — is part design studio, part antique store and every bit sophisticated. The store is located on South Broadway in Denver’s famous Antique Row, a seven-block strip filled with more than 100 antique merchants.main_photo

Watson & Co isn’t a heap of mismatched antiques. Rather, it’s a blend of high-end wholesale furniture with carefully selected vintage pieces, all meticulously staged in small, quaint rooms.

At the studio, owner Chris Watson loves mixing the old with the new — mixing being the key word in what Watson describes as the latest interior design trend.

You don’t have to go overboard on the French château look. With the right blend of urban funk or a sprinkling of other inspirations, an interior home décor can be more dynamic nowadays.

“That Ralph Lauren home collection era, where everything used to match in the 1990s, is long gone,” Watson says.

For instance, you can take a traditional French chair from the 1930s, cover it in cowhide and create something unusual.

“It’s about reinventing it,” Watson said. “It’s about creating the unexpected.”

Other shop owners along Antique Row will be quick to point out that Watson’s wares aren’t truly authentic.

But that’s okay, Watson says. It all depends on how you define authentic.

In fact, Watson doesn’t even like using the word “antique.” He prefers “vintage.”

“The word antique makes it feel exclusive, like something you can’t afford,” Watson says. “People want to be a part of something, instead of separate from something.” And with a good mix, you can have the best of both worlds.owner2_IMG_1837

A few authentic treasures blended into the décor become just that — treasures. And conveniently, Watson sells those authentic treasures next door in his south location, appropriately dubbed The Annex. Here, it even smells different from the design studio. Brittle paper, musty furniture and old wood create a nostalgic atmosphere. And every corner, carefully staged, is filled with some vintage curiosity.

A 1910 photograph of Denver firefighters sits behind glass. On the floor, a handful of 1911 anatomy posters leans against a stack of more framed oddities. A brittle wicker cage once used to transport family pets sits on top of an old cabinet. Here, the real treasures wait to be plucked away by a walk-in customer or by one of Watson’s three interior designers.

The most unique item Watson ever sold — online because it was so rare — was a condom tip from early World War I. Made out of lamb intestine, it was neatly package in a metal tin. Watson had snapped up the rarity, along with an 18th-century bible, in the same morning.

In the end, after 23 years of selling antiques, Watson has discovered what makes this business tick. “Americans yearn for history,” Watson says. “People just want to feel connected to something.”

One Man’s Trash
Picking through American keepsakes on Denver’s Antique RowUntitled-3

Like tasty little sprinkles on a cupcake, Antique Row on South Broadway offers a scattering of sweet little shops on a busy street populated by liquor stores, tattoo parlors, thrift shops and even an abandoned Sinclair gas station.

Under welcoming awnings with clever names, such as Finders Keepers, All Hours and Flashback Jack’s, these stores offer a portal into another time.

Denver Hotel Magazine took a day to wander in and out of the shops that specialize in some unique history. Here are some of our favorites:

Heidelberg Antiques
1460 S. Broadway

Featuring European furniture and mountain-home accessories, this shop is filled with Black Forest carvings, antler furniture and antique linen for a country look. The store’s most interesting offering, perhaps, is its massive cowbell collection that hangs from the ceiling. Shelbey Adame, who works on the weekends, says this is the most authentic antique shop you’ll find on the block. “It’s not an antique if it’s not 100 years old,” Adame says. “Anything less is vintage.” And you won’t find that here.

The Broadway Antique Broker
1438 S. Broadway

If your man cave is in need of a classic backroom bar, this is your place. But be sure you have the space to accommodate something massive. These ornate bars come in every shape and size. Ken Barnes, owner for 25 years, began specializing in bars 10 years ago after he sold one for $40,000. Small bars now run anywhere from $7,000 to $10,000. Larger bars can run upward of $60,000. Barnes, fondly known as Backbar Barney, plucks these historical finds from every corner of the country.

Antique Broker
1438 S. Broadway

Above Backbar Barney’s, up a flight of paint-chipped stairs, a whole other world awaits. This has been Al Garcia’s world since 1971. Garcia fills it with just about anything he can find. A hoarder’s dream, the cluttered atmosphere will tug at your heart strings. Handmade signs flutter precariously from strings with the words “Look Up” written on them. There, any oddity that Garcia can hang dangles from the rafters. If you’re treasure hunting, this place might be where you discover that hidden gem.

Frontier Gallery
1452 S. Broadway

If you’re expecting to find a little Western flare on Antique Row, you won’t find much — unless you pop into Frontier Gallery. There, amidst a line of stores that specialize in most any European antique, this store is as Old West as it gets. It’s a six-shooter’s dream, in other words. Dubbed Colorado’s only antique firearm store, Frontier Gallery features genuine Western-era Colt pistols, Winchester rifles, Civil War weapons, Western memorabilia and Indian artifacts.

Striking Gold at Goldyn

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By Amy Speer

Colorado-born Vanessa Barcus is Denver’s conduit to the fashion world. Her high-end boutique, Goldyn, is nestled in the historic Olinger building, a former mortuary renovated into a trendy hotspot in the up-and-coming lower Highlands neighborhood.

With designer labels Helmut Lang, See by Chloé, Current/Elliott and Rebecca Minkoff, you would think Barcus discovered a couture pipeline running under the 123-year-old space.

Founded in 2007, Goldyn started out as an online boutique through which Barcus curated a perfect assortment of “downtown cool meets uptown chic” labels. The brick-and-mortar store opened in 2011.

Although Goldyn’s contemporary fashion roster includes designers from all over, it gets a little Colorado couture flare as Barcus sprinkles in hand-picked local designers. This store is your Goldyn ticket to Denver’s hottest looks, and since we’re partial to Colorado, here’s a glimpse at a handful of local designers.


Zoe Twitt: Say hello to Zoe Twitt, a part-time Denver resident. Twitt, an actress, was inspired to create clothing that made her feel comfortable. Her ethereal-meets-edgy label led WWD to name her among the world’s top emerging designers. Twitt also has a collection of handmade, rock-crystal jewelry.

Gabriel Conroy: From black-satin vests to draped-collar jackets, Conroy brings a certain edginess to classic designs in organic materials. Conroy began his career as a Denver Center for Performing Arts costume tailor; now, he designs couture gowns for clients. His background and degrees in art and fashion make him a master tailor and fit expert.

CarolAnn Wachter: Drawing from her background in painting and sculpture, Boulder-based designer Wachter is known for her wearable, elegant silhouettes. She blends quality craftsmanship and classic forms with nostalgia and romance, using nature to inspire her.


Franklin and Swann: Nothing says Colorado like a Franklin and Swann crystal bullet necklace. Designer Lauren Starrett combines traditionally feminine crystals with classically masculine bullets to create a cohesive design. Interestingly, both elements in her jewelry come from passions she shared with her father — sharp shooting and gem collecting.

Reliquiae: A fossil is arguably one of nature’s most unique statements — certainly a one-of-a-kind find — which is why Reliquiae designer Lisa Wells uses the remains of sea, animal and plant life to create her alluring jewelry.

Kir Collection: Boulder-based designer Kirsten Boedecker brings together a stunning feminine line of statement rings, chandelier earrings, layered necklaces and chic bracelets. The collection combines sterling silver, 18-karat gold and semiprecious stones with hand-carved mother-of-pearl.


Grey Sunshine: From Western-inspired clutches to Colorado-casual handbags, Grey Sunshine delivers rugged appeal and chic design. Colorado native Dana Van Daele uses only Colorado leathers to create these clutch-worthy designs.

JJ Scholl: Refined commuters will want to make their trip with a JJ Scholl. Jenny Lee Walsh, a highly regarded freelance stylist and branding consultant, created these versatile cases for the fashion-conscious, practical-modern traveler.

Elc Mens: This Colorado label delivers “swagger with a tip of the hat to the men of a bygone era.” Simply put, this lineup turns men into heartthrobs. Combine Elc’s supercasual clothing with brown roper gloves, a Humbolt pipe or an Ellingwood keychain and you might have the next Marlboro Man.

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